Pro Shop

For years now, we’ve listened to suggestions from our ever-expanding roster of endorsing Artists. We’ve taken their ideas and built unique ProShop® guitars for some of the hardest working musicians in the industry. These guitars are expertly assembled and set up by our acclaimed craftsmen in Fort Worth, TX.

Some of the concepts you’ll see in our Vintage® ProShop creations, make their way into future Vintage ICON and Vintage ReIssued™ guitars and basses.
In addition to the attention to the fine details of the superb aesthetics, every ProShop guitar comes with a full 'ProShop Plus' in-house set-up, offering superb playability while fitted out with the finest high quality hardware to deliver guitars that exceed the expectations of today's discerning guitarists.
Please note that the Vintage® ProShop® does not presently accept custom orders.

Each guitar includes a Vintage branded luxury gig bag, and ProShop certificate of authenticity.


VINTAGE – Guitars Built for the Working Musician