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Buy These Great Accessories Directly From VINTAGE

To purchase any of these items please contact Rick Taylor at or call directly at 800-424-4724 Ext:105



Show Your Vintage Pride!

  • Black T-shirt with signature white Vintage logo
  • Made of 100% Cotton
  • Available in S, M, L and XL

$15.00 ea

Custom Made Rosewood String Winders
Originally hand-made by an artisan in the California hills as wildfires roiled the next canyon over, these beautiful, and durable, 100% rosewood string winders were mostly given as gifts to music industry leaders at the launch of RBI Music. Now they are available to you!!  For comfort, base is 2 ¼” tall, 1 ½” wide and ¾” deep.  Travel is 1 ½” from center of pivot to center of receiver for efficient, yet comfortable use and two sealed bearings at the pivot point ensure smooth, stable operation. Receiver fits most standard guitar tuners. Patent Pending design by Rick Taylor.  Fewer than 10 remain!
VGSW – Rosewood String Winders: $49.00
Vintage US Deluxe Gigbags
Our deluxe Vintage Gig Bag will protect your new guitar or bass from dings and scratches. The durable, distressed look, nylon exterior keeps your guitar safe from the elements while the plush lining supports your new Vintage guitar/ The padded handle and shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry and the large external pockets offer tons of storage space.
VGBE-SND – for Electric Guitar: $79.00
VGBB-SND – for Bass Guitar:      $79.00



What do Carlos Santana, Brad Whitford, Billy Gibbons, Phil Keaggy and Johnny Hiland have in common? They all use V-Picks. To go along with our VINTAGE US Pro Shop guitars, we worked with Vinni Smith at V-Picks to help us design picks that will make our US Pro Shop guitars sound their best. We offer two versions. Tradition Lite, and Tradition Ultra Lite. Hand made in Nashville from a very high quality cast acrylic used in marine saltwater aquariums, these picks will give you a beautifully clear tone, more volume, and fast playing action. For more info on V-Picks, visit

US Pro Shop Tradition Lite
The Tradition series was born out of requests for a guitar pick shaped like what guitarists have been used to playing for the last 40 years. This is it! More volume, better tone, and you will not drop this guitar pick! It will cling to your fingers when your body temperature warms it up. NO MORE DROPPED PICKS!

The Tradition Lite is 1.5mm. No flex at all. Great for electric or acoustic playing. Lead or rhythms. It’s also a great mandolin pick. Once you play this pick, you will realize you have been leaving a lot of sound inside your instrument. So, if you want a pick that is like your Fender® Extra Heavy on Steroids, this is the pick for you! It really packs a punch!

$4.00 ea

US Pro Shop Tradition Ultra Lite
This is the closest model we have to a Fender Medium. If you want to try V-Picks to see what the fuss is all about, and don’t want to get all jiggy about it, then this is the perfect choice for you! The same size and shape as any traditional guitar pick. Two rounded corners and one pointed. This pick, however, will add a lot of volume and extra tone. You will find it to be very comfortable and it will not slip out of your fingers, due to the V-Pick “grippage”. A fantastic pick for electric and acoustic playing. A wonderful strumming pick. Good for all kinds of music.

$4.00 ea