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April Carson

The Hailers

“I can’t praise my new Vintage Icon bass enough. It truly is my favorite bass to play. It has everything that I’ve been looking for in a bass, i.e., the feel, the weight, the rosewood fingerboard and most importantly, the sound! The p-bass pickups are great and far superior to any I have used in the past. Thanks to all of you, I am one happy camper.”

Billy Sherwood

Yes, Asia

Billy Sherwood is mostly known for his time as a member of progressive rock band Yes, for their albums Open Your Eyes (1997) and The Ladder (1999) and as mixing engineer for their albums Heaven & Earth (2014) and Like It Is: Yes at the Bristol Hippodrome, he re-joined Yes in 2015.

June ’17 Artist of the Month Bio

Bob Rutherford

Nick Dittmeier and the Sawdusters

“Of all the guitars I own (and they are everywhere just ask my wife) the Vintage VE880VB is the one that I absolutely can’t put down! Hands down my favorite instrument! Great resonance, tone and a volume and low end that are unexpected for it’s small size! I love it!”

Bomb Cats

Bomb Cats

“Anyone who knows us knows we’re rockers and gear freaks. The VINTAGE sound is big, loud and clear both individually and as an ensemble. This is great gear for touring musicians”

Chris Reynolds

Nashville Guitarist

“This V6 Summer of Love has made its way to a permanent place on every gig now. I actually sold my Custom Shop relic a few weeks ago. The neck is AWESOME!!! I abuse the trem like it’s a Floyd Rose, and it stays in tune perfectly!”

Chuck Morpurgo

Dallas Moore Band

“Tone, feel and vintage vibe, it’s all there in my V62 Icon. Thank you Vintage Guitars, I love this instrument!”

Darnell Cole guitarist

Darnell Cole

Porcelain Hill

“Wow! That is the best one word description I have for this Guitar. It is truly AMAZING!”

David “Junior” Guthrie

Hillbilly Way

“My V6 is awesome! The tone and feel are killer and I’m proud to be a part of the Vintage team!”

Dow Tomlin

Wynona and The Big Noise

“The neck feels great, no dead spots. You can feel the whole bass resonate, and the pickups are focused and articulate. The hardware is top notch. Kudos on a fantastic instrument!”

April ’17 Artist of the Month Bio

Fred Mollin

Producer: Billy Joel, Willie Nelson, Natalie Cole, Mark Knopfler, Jackson Brown

“V6 ‘Summer of Love’ is just simply fantastic.”

May ’17 Artist of the Month Bio

Greg Wright

Michael Jackson, Mick Fleetwood, The Gap Band, Berlin, Spencer Davis

“Man, the Paul Brett 12 string is AWESOME! The way it  plays, sounds and feels is way beyond most 12 strings I’ve encountered over the course of my career. I say that because I’m astounded at how well this guitar stays in tune. I recorded a track with it the first day it arrived. How did you guys design this? Because the articulation and clarity are exceptional!”

July ’17 Artist of the Month Bio

Jayson Chance

Nashville Studio/Live – Colt Ford, Gretchen Wilson, Ty Herndon, Thompson Square

“The very first time I picked up my V6, it felt so familiar, like the classic guitars I grew up playing. Outstanding job by Vintage… I love this thing!”

Jimmie Romero

The Hellenbacks

“I just dig my Fret King and Vintage Guitars. Great tone and feel, they never stay at home. I take ’em on the road with me everytime. I’m enjoying putting the miles on these dolls”

Jimmy Delisi

Decades Rewind

“This is me with my very own TONE MONSTER! This guitar is now attached to my hip – lol. What a great feel and nostalgic piece of workmanship! Thank you Vintage and thank you Trev!!!”

John Bujak


John Shaw

Josh Turner

“I’m using the V52 on Josh’s signature song “Long Black Train,” as well as on his biggest hit and the show opener “Why Don’t We Just Dance,” so it’s getting plenty of stage time and camera time as well. It sounds killer, and plays great!”

Dec ’16 Artist of the Month Bio

Jon Nichols

Beth Hart; The Jon Nichols Band

“At first look I was hooked, they had all the elements of what I think a guitar should look like.and the way they played was second to none, and great tone! Trev and everyone at Vintage made a truly great guitar!”

Feb ’17 Artist of the Month Bio

Joshua Boyken

Chasing the Pacific

“Vintage guitars exceed every other guitar I have put my hands on. Their reliability and playability is key when on the road, and they never dissapoint.”

Levi Bowman

The Isaacs

Matt Bissonette

Elton John, Gino Vanelli, David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, Brian Wilson

Mick Radford

Louie and the Rockets; The Unholy Rollers

“I’ve been waiting a long time for a guitar like the Vintage V100 to come along.”

Mike Pisculli

Disappointments Nashville

Pat Buchanan

Amy Grant

“The V6 ‘Summer of Love’ is killin’ it every night.”

Pat Campbell

Blindman; Broken City; Event Horizon; Pat Campbell Project {PCP}

“My Vintage V100 AFD is now my main go-to guitar…Killer vintage feel and sound…All without paying vintage prices….WELL DONE!!!”

Philip Shouse guitarist

Philip Shouse

Gene Simmons; John Corabi; Three Rock ‘N’ Roll Residency

“I don’t understand how a company can put out such high-quality instruments at such reasonable prices when some major companies put out absolute garbage and charge a fortune for it.”

Mar ’17 Artist of the Month Bio

Richard Lloyd

Television; Matthew Sweet; Rocket From the Tombs

“The variety of tones available through this guitar is astonishing. To be able to go from a humbucker tone to a single coil sound in a single guitar built as well as this one has been is a revelation. I can’t praise the guitar highly enough. The Vintage has so many tones and varieties of sound from snarling to mellow that I hardly know what to do with it. It’s made quite a mark on me.”

Rob Mills

The Hailers

“The tone is super raunchy and still really creamy smooth, she has a lot of different sounds for a guitar of this price range it is unbeatable value. I have had several comments on the sound…both in the studio and live.”

Ryan Cook

Gene Simmons

“My Vintage V100MRCS? What an amazing Guitar! I absolutely love it!”

Scott Sharrard

The Greg Allman Band; Scott Sharrard and the Brickyard Band

“The V62 is one of the best T-style guitars I’ve ever played. These guys just get it, turning the clock back to the best of the 1950’s American build quality and at a fair price, an unbeatable combo. This guitar is a true gift to every working musician out there, bravo!”

Jan ’17 Artist of the Month Bio

Stephen Long

Chasing the Pacific

“I’ve played on a number of guitars over the years from the cheaper side to the expensive side and nothing has really felt like home to me until I picked up a Vintage. The comfort, style, playability, and tone blow me away each time I pick one up.”

Ty Campbell

Nashville Bassist

Tyler Steven

Maggie Baugh

“This guitar is deceiving, it packs a big, ballsy sound and yet it’s comfortable and light.
It really is an impressive guitar for all musicians.”

Wayne Avers

Guitar/Musical Director – The Monkees

“I love this v52 guitar, great vintage tele sound. Love the neck and frets, and it’s light weight, which is hard to find. I’m on tour with “The Monkees” now, using it every night.”